The following galleries represent examples of my work. Most pieces are for sale and can be sent to you. Some pieces have already found homes as far away as Europe and Japan.

I accept commissioned work, and can make pieces to specific dimensions and quantity. I enjoy demonstrating, teaching in small settings, and I am available for workshops. I have been a guest artist in local elementary schools, high schools, churches, Sunday school groups and local shopping communities. It is a delight for me to speak and demonstrate to groups with the emphasis of how working in clay is so closely similar to how God works in our lives.

Teapots Gallery


I love making teapots. I do not know why. They are hard to make, labor intensive, complicated yet I still find them challenging and with never ending possibilities. They can be serious, fun, complicated, dull and silly. I think that all the elements of a teapot and how they work together is what will always fascinate me most. Of course the finishing test... does it pour and if it does, does it drip? View Gallery

Functional Gallery

Functional Ware

This covers a large area of work from mugs to lamps. Anything for me that can be used daily. I usually work with a warm brown clay and fire in an electric kiln to 2032° F. All these pieces are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, lead free and can be used in the oven. View Gallery

New Raku

Raku Ware

These are pieces that are fired in a Raku kiln to a temperature that is lower than the functional ware. The kiln is gas fired to 1900° F and removed at peak temperature to expose the piece to the dramatic lower temperature of the outside air. The pieces are then placed in contact with combustible materials such as newspaper to help create smoke and flames that enhance the wonderful glaze results. The fact that it is fired to a lower temperature makes it not functional in that it cannot be used with food or liquids. Yet they function very well as lamps, wall platters and pieces for decoration. View Gallery